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For Finance on a Mission, we want to provide an optimal conference experience, where everyone can make her or his own choice to participate comfortably. To provide this well, Finance on a Mission 2022 is set up as a hybrid event. You can therefore participate in Finance on a Mission both digitally and physically. Please be aware that Finance on a Mission is mainly in Dutch.

We have the following tickets available:

  • Spring Edition physical meeting € 295,00 (3 PE hours);
  • Spring Edition virtual meeting € 225,00 (3 PE hours);
  • Autumn Edition physical meeting € 595,00 (5 PE hours);
  • Autumn Edition virtual meeting € 495,00 (5 PE hours);
  • Combination ticket physical meeting*€ 795,00 (8 PE hours);
  • Combination ticket virtual meeting* € 675,00 (8 PE hours).

*These combination tickets give access to both conferences. In addition to the conferences, all tickets also give access to 12 virtual inspiration meetings (awarding 1 PE hour each), that we organize throughout the year.

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