Partner in Finance on a Mission

Present the organization as a thought leader during our premium Finance on a Mission events


Present the organization on our premium events for Finance professionals who are actively working on their future. 

Finance on a Mission is a yearly event that started in 2014. In the mean time, Finance on a Mission developed into a benchmark event, that helps Finance Professionals to gain the knowledge and inspiration they need to develop the Finance function. Finance on a Mission offers top notch content and an inspiring environment. With a qualitative program we address relevant developments that influence the way Finance operates in the (near) future.

Platform is the most visited online platform in the field of Finance transformation in the Netherlands.

Finance on a Mission: connecting tomorrow’s CFO.

Interested to partner with Finance on a Mission?

We have room for a limited number of (non-competitive) partners that focus on thought leadership and building strong networks.

For further contact or questions about becoming a partner in our events or our platform, please contact:

Jan Heinen
M: +31 (0)6-467 333 24