About Finance on a Mission

OverĀ Finance on a Mission

Finance on a Mission started in 2014 as an annual conference, organized in collaboration with a number of exclusive partners.

Over the years, Finance on a Mission has become a benchmark event in the field of the development of the Finance function in organizations. A growing number of participants come to Finance on a Mission every year for inspiration and to exchange views with peers and thought leaders within the Finance community.

In addition to the annual event, since 2020 the website financeonamission.com fulfills a platform function for Finance professionals who are working on their own future and the future of Finance in the organization. On financeonamission.com you will find regular updates with news, articles, columns, podcasts, interviews and other matters of interest to Finance professionals.

The Finance on a Mission network consists of nearly 20,000 Finance professionals who are periodically informed of developments in the field of Finance Transformation.

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