CFOAX Round tables

Finance on a Mission is proud to announce a partnership with the CFO Automation Experience. As Finance on a Mission we believe that peer level networks, sharing ideas and discussing best practices, can support Finance in further developing the Finance role to be more value adding to the organization. Technology can help to create stable and efficient processes that free up time and it enables analyzing increasingly large amounts of data to make better decisions. Today’s Finance professionals turn into business navigators, utilizing technology to enhance their role and increase impact.

The CFO Automation Experience is designed to share insights on how organizations are using technology to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. Supported by various international CFO organizations, this network enables the exchange of knowledge and best practices at an international level. The CFO Automation Experience regularly organizes virtual round tables. By joining this network as a partner, these round tables are easily accessible for our community as well.

This link will take you to the website to view the upcoming roundtable discussions and to register to participate.