In 2022, the University of Amsterdam, University of St. Gallen, Deloitte, Fitch People and Finance on a Mission again conducted joint research on the transformation of Finance in the digital age. This year, we looked specifically at progress on ESG, and the use of Self-Service BI in organizations. In addition to an overarching study within Europe, we also looked specifically at Dutch developments. For that research, we received input from over 110 Finance Professionals and spoke with over 120 Finance Executives in various (digital) meetings. The study thus provides a representative picture of the progress of the Finance Transformation and on the state of affairs regarding ESG and SSBI in the Netherlands.  Based on our research, we can conclude that the developments with regard to ESG reporting are still in their infancy. At the same time, we note that Finance Professionals see the developments in the field of SSBI as promising.

You can find and download our research paper, with both results based on the questionnaire and insights from the various meetings we organized in 2022, here.