The annual knowledge and inspirational event for the Finance function will have one edition in 2023 on October 12.


Finance on a Mission 2023

Autumn edition: “Sustainability” – October 12, 11:30 – 19:15

ESG growth is important. And for good reason. You don’t have to be a climate expert to see that we are facing violent changes that are going to affect us in the coming decades. But we also face challenges on the socioeconomic front. The gap between rich and poor is growing, and we need answers to close this gap if we want to maintain cohesion in our society. Society is increasingly looking to organizations to take responsibility, and rightly so. Organizations must take a role in creating framework conditions for sustainable and fair economic conditions. Conditions in which organizations have a right to exist and play a key role in ensuring a fair and sustainable world. With revenue models that bring different interests together in a good way. Finance plays a crucial role in making the organization more sustainable, both when it comes to setting goals and demonstrating that the organization meets ESG objectives. For this reason, sustainability will take center stage at the 2023 edition of Finance on a Mission. During Finance on a Mission on October 12, we will present you with a day full of practical insights and inspiration to seize your role in the field of ESG. We have also designed the program in such a way that by participating in Finance on a Mission you, as an RA, immediately meet the NBA’s obligation to spend 8 PE hours on this theme.

During Finance on a Mission 2023, we will look at the theme of sustainability through the following dimensions:
– Sustainable revenue models
– Demonstrably sustainable
– Finance’s role in driving sustainability

Autumn program

Our partners in the autumn edition of Finance on a Mission are: