The pace of digitization in Finance is fast. Several organizations are experimenting with digital technology and/or setting up cool projects to take advantage of the opportunities that digitalization offers. From Finance on a Mission, we closely follow developments in digital technology. We also feel as part of our mission to help Finance move towards the future with confidence. A future with an important role for Finance at the heart of the organization.

A new initiative: the Future Proof Finance Award (FPFA)

In the digitization journey, organizations learn a lot. They celebrate successes, find solutions and regularly run into challenges. But the direction is clear, a Future Proof Finance function in which digital technology plays a key role. To inspire the Finance community in the journey to a Future Proof Finance Function, Deloitte, Finance on a Mission, UiPath and Workday are introducing a new initiative, the Future Proof Finance Award (FPFA). This award was created to appreciate great projects in the field of digitalization of Finance. During an Award night on October 12, at the Garage (Deloitte Digital) in Amsterdam, three finalists will present their project and the winner of the award will be announced. The winner is selected by a jury consisting of several CFOs with diverse backgrounds and expertise. The FPFA appreciates the team effort that went into realizing the project, and is focused on inspiring the community to further embrace the possibilities of digitalization.

Nominating for the FPFA

Have you just successfully completed a great project with which Finance took an important step in further digitalization? Did you achieve improvements and overcome challenges that can inspire others? Does the team that carried out the project deserves recognition? Then nominate the project before 31 August to compete for the FPFA! You can nominate by sending an email to We will then make sure you receive all the information you need to compete for this new award.