This year, for the sixth consecutive year, we are conducting research on continuing Finance Transformation. In previous years, the survey provided the Finance Community with great insight into the state of that transformation. What technology was being embraced by organizations at what pace? How was Covid’s impact on the transformation and the role of Finance? How do Finance and other disciplines in the organization view the role of Finance. These were questions that the research paper, created as a result of our survey and interviews, provided insight into. The various research papers led to several articles and insights that served as inspiration for various settings and organizations. In recent years, the number of quantitative and qualitative respondents to the survey has steadily grown to some 250!

Focus of our research for 2022

For 2022, our ambition is to combine research on Finance transformation in the Netherlands with research on Finance transformation in other European countries. The research which focuses on the Netherlands will be conducted in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, Deloitte and Fitch. The research that focuses on Europe takes place with the partners from University of Amsterdam, University of St. Gallen, the international CFO Alliance and UiPath. In this year we are therefore providing two research papers, which specifically provide insight into the Dutch and international context. In addition, this year we are also looking in particular at the state of affairs regarding “self servicing” and ESG.

Research can’t happen without the community

For this research, we would like to ask the help of the international Finance Communities. Because these Finance communities help us to gain insight into the Finance Transformation. Based on that insight, we are able to deliver relevant results back to the community in the form of the research paper and articles. Would you like to help us share the latest insights with you as a Finance community again this year? With 15 minutes of your time, you can contribute to this. Besides our thanks, you will of course receive the research paper, providing you with the latest insights on the Finance Transformation.

The link below leads you to the questionnaire on the University of Amsterdam’s survey pages:

This link will take you to the survey.

More information on the international CFO alliance:

DFCG (Association Nationale des Directeurs Financiers et de Contrôle de Gestion in France) welcomed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) institute presidents, general secretaries or general managers from Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Tunisia, and Western Africa on December 7, 2021, in Paris during the annual Financium conference, for finance leaders, to discuss collaborative opportunities in areas of mutual interest for our collective association membership. 

Additional countries and their professional finance associations have shown significant interest in this collaborative initiative with a view to further cooperation with other geographies. 

A mutual area of interest initially emerging is ESG, and the importance of working together to provide our members with an active forum and network through which to learn, discuss, and engage in important international initiatives actively underway in Europe, and around the world, such as sustainability standards and information. 

Other areas of agreed collaboration are expected to include Digitisation and Taxation, and other topics will be explored to ensure that all countries and continents are given a voice and the opportunity to lead these, or other, common topics of interest on behalf of our members. 

Additionally, we recognise the need to consult our members to prioritise other important areas of mutual interest upon which we can cooperate to the benefit of all. 

The International Group of the DFCG will play an active role in coordinating and launching the first initiative on ESG, amongst the partner organizations and associations.