Anyone who takes a good look around the organization sees how much technology has penetrated our daily work. Our research into Finance Transformation and the events we organized last year show that developments in technology are only accelerating. That brings opportunities for organizations to find new revenue models and to optimize existing processes in the organization. Truly combining effectiveness with efficiency is on the horizon. That should be music to the ears of every Finance Professional.

Technology is not the only factor of interest

Yet, from the various publications and conversations we had, it is clear that organizational success does not depend solely on technology. People are at least as important. And now that technology is making its way into almost all processes, and large amounts of data are making it possible to make more informed decisions, it is up to Finance to break down the silos that exist. To optimize processes from a customer-oriented approach, in multidisciplinary teams and from an end-to-end perspective. In that playing field, there is an important role for the collaboration between CFO and CIO.

Inspiration meeting

How that collaboration can take shape is the main theme of an online inspiration meeting on January 19, 2022 at 15:00. During a 90-minute meeting, various (international) business leaders, from different disciplines of the organization, will discuss the collaboration between CIO and CFO in optimizing the use of technology in the organization. This inspiration meeting can be followed live via:, where the stream is shown directly.